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Development of web applications plays a key role in the core business, transforming idea and needs combinations into effective means of exploitable tools.

The web plateform allows provision of the Internet users with the convenient online tools. Functional and colorful web applications increase the brand appeal, allowing formation of a virtual ecosystem around it and thus increasing its demand.

The stages and deadlines for implementation of each project depend on the type of the design and nature of the set tasks. In order to best meet the customer’s needs, we make each development stage absolutely transparent. Creating a website design requires careful consideration of every detail. Such a work includes:

  1. Preparation. You fill in the brief form, we define the business task of the project together, examine, and analyze similar competitive sites.

  2. Discussion The process involves our team developers, but also the leader that is leading the project. At this time, original ideas are generated and the structure, colors, usability, and many other things are worked out.

  3. Model creation. At this stage, it is decided where the main elements of the site will be located and how they will look. A comfortable and user-friendly navigation is also developed here. The result is several design variants.

  4. Features development. After approuval the model, we start to program the core functionnalities of the plateform. and we give you a demo to test it and validate it.

  5. Final approval. Here you assess how the updated appearance of the Internet resource corresponds to the corporate spirit of the company. If necessary, some changes are made.

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